My-ID project in high schools

The My-ID project is an elaboration of the GALE "My-ID" educating technology to the high school sector. The "My-ID" method is based on an analysis of heteronormativity and evidence-grounded methods to educate in a way which really changes negative attitudes and the underlying negative emotions towards gender and sexual diversity. The project runs from November 2021 until 1 November 2023.


The project employs three key strategies to support high schools in implementing the My-ID method:

  1. Developing concrete classroom activities to integrate in a spiral curriculum
  2. Training to empower teachers
  3. Guidance on how to inform and mentor parents

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The project is implemented by 10 partners:

  1. Hallgarten-Franchetti Foundation, study centre Villa Montesca (Italy, Città di Castello; coordinator)
  2. CESIE Italy, Palermo)
  3. GALE (international, based in the Netherlands, Amsterdam)
  4. Iedersland College (Netherlands, Amsterdam)
  5. EUROTraining (Greece, Athens)
  6. Doukas College (Greece, Athens)
  7. DEFOIN (Spain, Málaga)
  8. Jaume Viladoms College (Spain, Sabadell)
  9. Scuola Alighieri Pascoli Città di Castello (Italy, associated partner)
  10. I.I.S. Liceo Città di Piero Sansepolcro (Italy, associated partner)