Analyze your country

GALE continuously works to map the Implementation of the Right to Education for DESPOGI/LGBTI.

Take part!

If you would like to take part developing the World Report, you can do 3 things:

  1. Fill in the GALE Survey. This is survey that maps your personal experiences and opinions in education. There are 25 mandatory questions, which we use to assess the level of Implementation of the Right to Education for DESPOGI/LGBTI in each country. And there are 120 additional questions which allow us to make a more detailed report. But these extra questions are not mandatory. You can fill in this survey yourself, or you can work with GALE to recruit more respondents in your country. The GALE Survey works best for LGBTIQ+ respondents. If your would like to do a survey in schools among young cisgender heterosexual people, please contact GALE for an edited survey. GALE can offer help with making a small grant proposal to support you in this work.
  2. When you are an expert on education in your country, you can fill in the GALE Right to Education Checklist. This is a short checklist, which scores your opinion on the national policy. You are asked to substantiate your score on each of the checkpoints with a reference to proof (research, legal documents, etc.)
  3. Develop your own assessment. An elaborate guide to how to assess the checkpoints can be found here. This requires some desktop research and may take you between 4-16 hours. The office of GALE can help with this.

Note: GALE offers a course on doing research on sexual diversity in schools.


The country reports are published on the GALE World Map (frontpage website). In addition, we will publish reports. The full report will have 6 parts:
Part 1: General introduction and annexes
Part 2: Americas and the Caribbean
Part 3: Asia and the Pacific
Part 4. Europe (A first European report has been published in December 2017)
Part 5: Middle East and North Africa
Part 6: Sub-Saharan Africa