Check the situation

The first thing you need to do to act strategically to improve the right to education for DESPOGI is to map the situation. You can do this by using the GALE State Policy Checklist and by doing research.

The GALE Checklist

Fill in the GALE Right to Education Checklist
The Right to Education Checklist is monitoring instrument to make transparent how the right to education is implemented in a State. The checklist can be filled in as a survey. But ideally the assessment is made on the basis of an assessment which includes the legal domain, the organization of the education sector and the social situation.
The GALE Checklist Survey has 21 questions. Fifteen questions are about relevant aspects of the right to education. The background of the checklist is described in the GALE Advocacy Guide.
The final questions in the survey ask for your name, address and in which way you are willing to be informed by, or cooperate with GALE. This information will not be shared with third parties. GALE uses your contact details only if we need to contact you for further information.
The anonymous information about the right to education will be compiled, analyzed and summarized. It will be published on the country pages of the GALE World Map.

Legal research

The legal part of the Right to Education consist of multiple international conventions, recommendations and resolutions. In addition, each State has laws and regulations, an often a lot of powers have been delegated to local authorities or to schools themselves. In practice, educational guidelines seem to include all aspects of diversity. However, DESPOGI people are often excluded from the right in such legal guidelines. Even when they are not formally excluded, the implementation of social inclusion of DESPOGI is often seriously lacking. This is why GALE does not focus on monitoring legal guidelines.
UNESCO attempts to develop a global overview of legal guidelines pertaining to the situation LGBTI in schools. If you have any information on the legal situation, please inform We will make sure it appears on the GALE World Map and that the information is shared with UNESCO.

Social research

The best way to get a reliable view of the implementation of the right to education for DESPOGI is to measure this by directly asking target groups about their experiences. GALE is developing standardized surveys that directly link to the GALE Checklist.

  1. Survey for secondary school students (in development, expected summer 2015)
  2. Survey for teachers of secondary schools (in development, expected summer 2015)
  3. Survey for LGBTI people (in development, expected summer 2015)

These surveys are provided as Excel sheets. You can translate them and create a Google doc survey with them. When you download the results from Google docs, the provided Excel form calculates the results.
Note: GALE offers a course on doing research on sexual diversity in schools.