The GALE Checklist

The first thing you need to do to act strategically to improve the right to education for DESPOGI is to map the situation. You can do this by using
the GALE Checklist on the Right to Education for DESPOGI.
The Right to Education Checklist is policy monitoring instrument to make transparent how the right to education is implemented in a State. The checklist can be filled in as a survey. But ideally the assessment is made on the basis of an assessment which includes the legal situation, the organization of the education sector and the social situation.

The GALE Checklist Survey has 22 questions. Fifteen questions are about relevant aspects of the right to education. It may be difficult to make an assessment, because the way a State can impleemnt the Right to Ecducation is complex. To help out, we have made a briefing on how to use the checklist.
The background of the checklist is described in the GALE Advocacy Guide.
The information about the right to education will be compiled, analyzed and summarized. It will be published on the country pages of the GALE World Map.

More research

I many countries, data to base the checklist on are simply not available. To help solve this, GALE is developing short surveys for:

  1. LGBTI people
  2. secondary school students
  3. teachers

Note: GALE offers a course on doing research on sexual diversity in schools.