Right to Education of LGBT Monitoring Group

The GALE Right to Education of LGBT Monitoring Group (GALE_R2E) discussing strategies to monitor the right to education of LGBT in UN member states.
In the first place, it wants to develop a way of monitoring that is helpful for local or national organizations to advocate for better access to education for and less drop-out of LGBT students, for a more adequate curriculum and for equal treatment of LGBT education staff.
In the second place, it want to provide information and opportunities for multilateral cooperation to raise the quality of the right to education for all, including women and LGBT.
The group will be moderated between 2012 and 2014 based on a grant from the Dutch government.
The group is meant for activists and researchers who are dedicated to map the right to education in their country or on the international level.
The moderator of the group is Peter Dankmeijer.

Papers and logs

Presentation of the intention of the group 9 December 2011 Rio de Janeiro

Members of the working group

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