Accountability of the GALE Foundation

On this page you will find a list of the narrative and financial reports and other formal documents of the GALE Foundation. Between 2008 and 2011, GALE did not have a legal entity yet and operated as a project of the Dutch organizations Empowerment Lifestyle Services, so the reports during that period are under that name.

Formal documents

Formal name: Stichting Global Alliance for LGBT Education (GALE)
Chamber of Commerce registration: 27303077
VAT identification no .: NL8182.19.336.B01

The GALE Foundation is a non-profit foundation.

Contact information:
postal address: Vinkenstraat 116-A, 1013 JV Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Mail: Website: Phone: +31 653 862 958

Article 2 of the Statutes (2011):
2.1 The foundation manages the infrastructure (website, working groups and projects) of the Global Alliance for LGBT Education. The Global Alliance for LGBT Education (GALE) is an international association of trainers and educators on sexual diversity that promotes the full integration of people who are disadvantaged because of their sexual orientation, sexual identity and the way they express it.
2.2 The foundation aims to achieve its goal by collecting and improving and disseminating knowledge, methods and experiences about education and information about sexual diversity.
2.3 The foundation strives for a coherent approach at individual level, organizational level and the policy of various government agencies.
2.4 The payment policy of the foundation must be such that the foundation can be regarded as an institution focused on general benefit.
2.5 The foundation is not profit-oriented.

Board Composition: GALE has a Board of Directors which consists of at one member. This position is currently fulfilled by Peter Dankmeijer (director). 

Remuneration policy: All employees are paid according to the Dutch Collective Trade Agreement for the Social Sector, if there are positions available. Currently GALE is run by volunteers, which includes the director. Staff will be hired on temporary project contracts, or they be involved as subcontractors. There are no bonuses. Volunteers and interns may in some cases (this is not a rule) receive a voluntary fee or placement fee which is in line with the law and agreements of the host organization, if other than GALE. Invoices are paid for actual and budgeted costs.

Formal documents and policies

Annual reports and financial statements: below is a list of work plans, reports and accounts. Where necessary, we also add separate project justifications.

== 2024 =

  • Work Plan 2024 (pending)