NESET-II report on anti-bullying strategies in Europe - February 04, 2017

In January 2017 the second NESET report on bullying in Europe was presented at the European parliament. The report offers an extensive analysis of anti-bullying programs and strategies on both school, community and government levels. It also includes information and sensitivity to homophobia and to other selected groups that are commonly neglected in anti-bullying strategies. The report recommends to create national committees that guide a national comprehensive anti-bullying strategy and to systematically include attention for discrimination and homophobia. This article offers a summary and highlights the anti-homophobia aspects.

The Others is Us - Best practices in LGBT Inclusive Education (2016) - September 17, 2016

The project “The Others is Us” was an international seminar, realized within the frame of the European Erasmus+ program. It was designed to raise competences of youth educational workers, in the field of antidiscrimination education and human rights, with a focus on LGBT + topic, in relation with schools. The seminar took place in Łódź, Poland between 13th and 18th June 2016 and gathered 20 participants from 8 European countries. During 4 days of the seminar the participants shared experience, knowledge and expertise on the topic, using experiential learning and non-formal methodology.