Who we are

The GALE Foundation supports the GALE Association. In addition, the GALE Foundation manages international projects that promote and facilitate cooperation to implement the right to education for LGBT people and which enhance the dissemination and effect of educational projects.
The GALE Foundation is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is a registered charity under Dutch law (ANBI instelling) and gifts are tax deductible.

GALE Foundation staff

The GALE Foundation has the following part-time staff working on projects. The maintenance of the website and support for the Association is largely volunteer work.

  1. Peter Dankmeijer (director)

Supervisory Council

The strategy and the finances of the Foundation are controlled by a (voluntary) Supervisory Council.

  • We are looking for supervisory council members.


The GALE Foundation wants to be transparent in her activities and financial accountability. This is also required by Dutch law. This page and the pages "Plans and reports" "offers all relevant formal information on GALE.
We are open to any questions you might have: info@gale.info or +31 20-737 2959.

Formal information on the GALE Foundation

Formal name: Stichting Global Alliance for LGBT Education (GALE)
Formal registration number at the Chamber of Commerce: 27303077
RSIN/fiscal number: NL8182.19.336.B01
Bank information: IBAN: NL37INGB0004705891; BIC/SWIFT: INGBNL2A; bank address: ING Bank N.V., Foreign Operations, Postbus 1800, 1000 BV  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
PIC Erasmus+: 947178132
Contact information: address: Vinkenstraat 116-a, 1013 JV Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
General mail address: info@gale.info.
Website: www.gale.info and www.lgbt-learning.org for e-learning.
Telephone/landline: +3120-737 2959

Goal: GALE promotes the full inclusion of people who are disadvantaged because of their sexual orientation, sexual identity and their expression by identifying, enhancing and sharing educational expertise.*

The board: GALE has a Supervisory Council board model. This means there is a one-person board/director, who is supervised by a Supervisory Council monitoring the main strategy but does not interfere with the day to day routine decisions. The Supervisory Council members do not get paid.

Payment policy: The director and staff are paid according to the Dutch Collective Agreement between Employers and Employees in the Social sector ("CAO Welzijn"). This Collective Agreement is recognized by law and binding. The director has a permanent contract (80%, 31 hours a week) and earns 53204 euro a year. The director works standard 20 hours a week unpaid. The other staff have temporary contracts. There are no bonus arrangements. Volunteers and interns may receive small volunteer or intern allowances which stay within the limitations the Dutch law has set and the agreements with intern-sending institutions. Expense claims are only paid for budgeted, real and proven costs or in pre-arranged daily allowances that are within the limits of the grantors.