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GALE is a learning community focusing on education about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues. We promote the full inclusion of people who are disadvantaged because of their sexual orientation, sexual identity and their expression by identifying, enhancing and sharing educational expertise. The membership of the community is free and open to anyone actively involved in education about LGBT issues.

Polish president divides country with homophobia - August 08, 2020

8 August 2020 - In the election battle, the Polish president Andrzej Duda vowed to ban all LGBT education in schools. He narrowly won the election and many fear the repressive policy of the last few years will now be implemented with more extreme measures. While parliament members protested by wearing rainbow dresses, flags and masks, some LGBT are already planning to flee the country.

LGBTI movement asks for protection of rights during COVID-19 outbreak - June 05, 2020

5 June 2020 - Today, GALE joined a coalition of 187 organizations to draw the attention of the UN Human Rights Council to the situation of LGBTI persons and those who defend their rights in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The coalition urged States and stakeholders to ensure that this public health emergency will neither exacerbate existing misconceptions, prejudices, inequalities or structural barriers, nor lead to increased violence and discrimination against sexually and gender diverse persons.

Dilemmas in rating antibullying quality of school policies - April 14, 2020

14 April 2020 - The European ABC-project attempted to develop a certification for antibullying policy in high schools. The project ends in May, but was confronted with a series of dilemmas that are not yet solved. Especially scoring was a dilemma. Should we score school at all? If we do, how? Can we use scoring only as a diagnostic instrument or also as a public quality label? Will governments or the European Union be willing to adopt such a label or at least to encourage self-evaluation of schools? We need your advice and would like to encourage you to fill in a short questionnaire about these dilemmas.

Recommendations for European antibullying policy - April 07, 2020

  7 April 2020 - A review of European policy on antibullying shows that international institutions claim to have little influence on education in general. They could possibly influence the quality of antibullying policy in schools by focusing on the broader concept of combating violence or discrimination. But in practice, combating bullying may have a different focus and requires a consistent school policy, which international institutions cannot influence because influence on the education system is taboo. The ABC-project, which experimented with certification of antibullying in schools, made six recommendations to build a European road map against bullying.

In Greece, even teachers make homophobic remarks about LGBT students - March 15, 2020

15 March 2020 - The Greek LGBT youth organization Colour Youth did a school climate survey and concluded that the situation of LGBTI using Greek schools is still deplorable. A majority of students here that even teachers use homophobic slurs to watch LGBTI students. The results are not surprising, previous research shows similar findings. But it seems the Greek government is hesitant to implement concrete measures to stop the blatant discrimination.