The Unique project focuses on developing on training of VET (vocatioonal training) teachers in Europe. This Erasmus+ KA3 project has 9 partners from Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Cyprus, Croatia and Germany. The project will be implmented in 2021 and 2022.


Discrimination against LGBT people is a reality, even in countries where LGBTQI individuals’ civic rights are well established. Despite the progress being made, current educational structure seems to be lagging behind the social reality, particularly in the VET sector, which, counter to the compulsory education, LGBTIQ people have been neglected. The study of the Eurobarometer on Discrimination 2019 on how comfortable the respondents would feel if one of their colleagues would be a transgender person, is revealing, with the EU average to be below 50%.
Our proposal aims at reversing the perceptions and attitudes towards LGBTIQ learners in VET education. VET teachers are not trained or prepared to openly discuss in the classroom issues that are considered “sensitive” or may be biased themselves. In this framework, we aim at offering the project with following outputs:

  1. Modeling Non-Discriminatory Vet Educational Strategy by evaluating discrimination levels related with gender-based diversity within VET environment
  2. Development of the training material by promoting gender-based diversity VET curricula for VET teachers and designing the MOOC Platform
  3. Pilot testing of training material
  4. Raise awareness of project’s outputs

Taking the above into consideration, our project will offer the following impact:

  1. Enhancement of representation of LGBTQI young learners into VET education by tracking discriminatory behaviors against LGBTIQ learners and teachers
  2. Improvement of expertise and competences of VET teachers
  3. Creation of an inclusive VET system

News and updates

The project proposal was awarded in August 2020. Due to COVID-19 the start of the project will be in December 2020, with the activities following in 2021.