Right to education project

The Dutch government has prioritized to combat discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and intends to strengthen her supportive role in the international arena in this area. In this context, the Dutch government funds the GALE Foundation for a project on the Right to Education.
In two earlier projects with the same name, GALE forged a cooperation with UNESCO and stimulated and supported UNESCO to start a global research and consultancy project.

Currently, GALE leads an international exploration find out how civil society can strategically operate to stimulate and support UN priorities on LGBTI issues in education. A growing number of NGOs is taking part in this No Bullying Coalition.


This third project rans in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The focus was on:

  1. mapping the implementation of the right to education
  2. to stimulate local LGBTI activists to develop a high impact strategy
  3. to stimulate cooperation between activists, the education sector and authorities
  4. and to stimulate and support the creation of national strategic committees on education and sexual diversity (GALE Committees)


Activities are:

  • Develop a GALE World Map and publish it on IDAHO (17 May)
  • Develop a GALE Committee Guide
  • Call GALE members to create GALE / educational strategic committees and support this
  • Facilitate 6 strategic workshops in countries that will most benefit from a shift towards more a strategic approach
  • Support strategy with simple to use research tools
  • Advocate for the right to education for LGBTI in the international arena
  • Support UNESCO in the international anti-LGBT-bullying strategy; if you would like to be partner in the supporting coalition, you can send us a mail at info@gale.info