BeLonG To launches primary school anti-bullying program

18 October 2016 - BeLonG To, the Irish LGBT Youth Support organization, launched All Together Now, an anti LGBT bullying resource for primary schools. The project was created in response to LGBT young people telling us about their difficult experiences in primary school. They are available to download for free at

Cooperative effort

All Together Now was funded by the Department of Education and Skills and with education partners including the Irish National Teachers Organization. The lesson plans and the All Together Now research report were developed by Dr. Bernie Collins, Dr. Seline Keating and Prof. Morgan from St Patrick’s College (DCU). The program was first tested in a pilot program, which was very successful. The anti-bullying resource is part of the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum.

Coming-out at twelve

We know from our work with young people that going to school can be a difficult experience, and that anti-LGBT bullying is common. The LGBT Ireland research (2016) found that 67% of Irish LGBT students witnessed bullying of other LGBT student in their schools and 50% had personal experience the same. We also know from this research that there is a direct link between bullying and the significantly higher rates of self-harm and suicide for LGBT young people. The report confirmed that addressing homophobia and transphobia is urgent for primary schools as 12 is the most common age for LGBT young people in Ireland to discover their sexual orientation.

Source: BelonG To