Greek Rainbow School asks government for inclusive sex education

2 December 2021 - The Greek organization Rainbow School is filing a petition to the Greek government to demand the introduction of sex education as a compulsory part of the curriculum. Rainbow School believes that urgent action is required to help LGBTIQ+ individuals overcome the hatred they face and that true inclusive sex education can contribute effectively towards this direction.

A hollow gender policy

Rainbow School is a Greek NGO of LGBTIQ+ teachers and their allies. With heavy hearts, they have seen how the Greek government has made grand promises to improve “gender” policy and to include LGBTIQ+ issues under that broader cloak. But recent mass demonstrations of the Greek #metoo movement, a series of suicides of children, murder of LGBT activists and eleven killings of women in 2021 alone still do not seem to have moved to government into some real action. Words are not translated in proper action in schools and in some cases actually contradicted in the implementation of school policies policy by civil servants.

Demand for Comprehensive Sex Education

Rainbow School believes a major solution for the current impasse is to develop a truly inclusive form of sexual education. True Comprehensive Sexual Education, which is not only heteronormative but also includes ample attention for diversity and LGBTIQ+. It should include specific objectives to prevent prejudice, stigma, violation of rights and violence and other stressors that affect LGBTIO+ health and well-being. It should make the topic of gender and sexual diversity a visible aspect of the curriculum. Rainbow School envisions Comprehensive Sexual Education as a spiral curriculum that starts at a young age and helps students to re-visit these learning topics throughout their educational career to continuously gain deeper insights and more positive attitudes towards gender and sexual diversity. The curriculum should also be supported by teacher training and cooperation with parents.

Sign the petition

Rainbow School has set up a petition to the Greek government. GALE fully support the petition and calls upon its members to sign it as well. You can read and sign it here.

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