European project prepares to launch e-course on gender for teen boys

19 April 2021 - Recently, the European Erasmus+ project “gender education of teen boys: a digital toolkit” published her first newsletter. The project announces that the digital toolkit will be accessible after the summer vacation.

For 15-17 year olds

The project team is creating an online educational toolkit which will provide users with learning material and tools for the facilitation of a complete online course―including curriculum, lesson plans and study material―on gender education with focus on the educational needs of boys in the adolescent ages of 15 to 17 years old.
The course will be openly accessible to the public and can be used by educators or facilitators and other professionals such as trainers, teachers, youth workers, NGO workers, gender experts, equality activists, LGBTIQ+ activists, policy makers and other stakeholders. These professionals, who are the main target audience, could either use the lesson plans and material to facilitate a complete course, or could choose particular individual modules or activities as they find appropriate.

Four modules

The learning material will be called G.EDU and include four modules, each one focusing on particular subjects on gender education:

  1. Basic concepts regarding gender and gender equality
  2. Having pleasant relationships
  3. Combating gender-based violence
  4. elf transformation and social change

The learning material will be accessible as a e-course. The course is based on interaction promoting communication, social networking, collaborative learning, reflective thinking, and information sharing among users. Parts of the learning material will also be accessible via a user-friendly mobile application.

Sources: The G.EDU Newsletter