European and Central Asian survey on the impact of Covid-19 on lesbians

9 December 2020 - Since March 2020, The European Lesbian Conference organization (ELC) has been collecting testimonies and analyzing the impacts of Covid-19 on lesbians. They are huge and now ELC is launching comprehensive survey. The organization hopes to gather over 4000 responses.

Trapped in dangerous situations

From the little information available so far, it was observed that lesbians have been trapped in potentially dangerous situations due to the crisis. Young lesbians were obliged to quarantine with their lesbo-phobic families. Older lesbians cannot go out, do not have family to rely on, and can only get food and medication from the local lesbian community. Lesbians are being fired because their families are not recognized as equal to heterosexual ones, or not recognized at all.

Survey in eight languages for both groups and individuals

EL*C welcomes responses by lesbians on a wide gender identity spectrum (trans, cis, non binary). The goal of the survey is develop recommendations for policy makers and donors to take into account in the current crisis management schemes. The survey will be accessible online until March 2021 in 8 different languages: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Serbian. (To change the language in the survey: click on the top right button and scroll down to find the language that suits. Or click on the direct link).
GALE urges it’s members to help disseminate the call to fill this survey.


Sources: More information about the survey, more information about ELC