New family equality guide

17 June 2017 - In 2016–2017, ten movement leaders and experts from the LGBTI, women’s rights and progressive faith movements charted the use of family in recent years of progressive activism. They engaged did a survey with more than 200 experts, organized a conference and had consultations with key organizations. The result was a guide which guide invites social justice activists in Europe to consider placing family equality at the centre of our progressive strategies, discourse and actions.

Suggestions for advocacy

The 40-page guide focuses on advocacy. It has an introduction on what "family equality" is, how to properly use talking about "family" in advocacy, how to engage in activism and it gives 10 effective strategies to use "family" in advocacy. The suggestions and good examples focus on mainstreaming, funding, research, communication, lobbying, making alliances, media work, litigation, responding to opponents and working with faith.

Education response paper

GALE submitted some suggestions on the area of education, which were published separately as a "response paper". In this paper, GALE warns against only symbolically represent lesbian or gay families while not working on deeper skills of children to deal with diversity. It also shows that some sexual diversity family resources are predominantly showing happy white middle class lesbian or gay families, which are only one aspect of the spectrum of LGBT families.

Download the guide here and the GALE response paper here. More information can be found on