Pronouns day initiative asks support

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3 June 2018 - An international volunteer group has taken the initiative to launch “Pronouns Day”. 17 October will be dedicated to action to be clear, educative and sensitive about how we use pronouns. Using self-chosen names and pronouns is a basic right. But we may inadvertently hurt someone when we use only “he” or “she”. Pronouns Days will help to educate people and generate ideas on how to be welcoming to each other.

How to participate

The campaign encourages people to develop own ideas in their own area. Ideas can be sent to the Pronouns Day organization. But the website also gives a number of concrete suggestions on what to do.
You can:
Post your pronouns on social media.

  • Put your pronouns on your business cards and email signatures.
  • Organize an event/workshop about how to share and ask about pronouns, and how to recover from mistakes.
  • Distribute pronouns buttons, t-shirts, or other educational/celebratory materials.
  • Create a photo opportunity for people to get together and visibly show their support.
  • Create a poster campaign or other awareness-raising materials around your campus or workplace.
  • Encourage your campus or organization to make pronouns an optional field in student/personnel records.
  • Mount a campaign to change a policy or resource in your local context.

Register for more

The organization is managed by volunteers for now. So there is no funding or physical materials it can provide at the moment. If you register, Pronouns Day will send you occasional updates when resources for the campaign are developed. Here you can also endorse the campaign if you wish.