First digital course for companies

August 31, 2016 - Today the registration for opens for the new virtual course on how companies can deal with sexual diversity. The course focuses on both commercial companies and non-profit organizations. It is available in English, Italian and Dutch.
One can register here.

The course contains five modules:
1. Basic facts about sexual diversity
2. Information and tools for organizational change (how to overcome individual and organizational resistance, good practices in a multinational and in small companies)
3. Information and tools for LGBTI staff (how to organize a pride group and how to work with the management)
4. Tools to plan action (how to transfer this theoretical knowledge into a personal action plan)
5. Evaluation of the course (this is a beta version of the course and GALE aims to improve the course continuously)

The courses (also course on schools) are available on GALE's educational platform The direct link to the registration forms is here:
Because the course was developed with funding of the European Community (Erasmus+ program), the course is available for free until the end of the year. From 2017 on, a relatively minor maintenance fee will be requested. Organizations who are willing to help market the course, can arrange a deal with GALE and get part of registration fee as a reward. If you are interested, please contact Peter Dankmeijer,