Inspiration for student participation on LGBTI issues in schools

August 30, 2016 - Today GALE presents a brochure "Organizing student's voices on sexual diversity in school". The brochure is a summary of a series internationally tested methods to involve LGBTI and straight students in the fight against homophobia and transphobia in schools.

LeGoP project: student exchanges

As part of the European LeGoP project GALE developed a new methodology to empower students to make their views about school safety and LGBT emancipation known to the school and the local level.
The methods were tested in the Netherlands during the international exchange of the LeGoP project in November 2015 in Amsterdam. In addition to a selected group of 12 students from the Hyperion College in Amsterdam there were 26 students invited from Italy.

Film, school analysis, a conference and human rights lessons

The outline of the intervention is to offer a group of students three or four days an opportunity to prepare, after which the intervention will end with a conference where students present their initial recommendations and then adjust them based on suggestions from teachers, parents and experts.
The brochure describes how high school students can make their own education film, how to analyze the school safety, how to organize an interactive school conference and how to integrate LGBTI issues in a curriculum on citizenships skills and human rights.
All these activities were testes during this project and a previous project.

Download the brochure (English):