GALE offers European course on SOGI-phobia again in April

In July 2015, GALE offered a European course on combating homophobia and transphobia in schools in Sitges, Spain. The course will be repeated from Monday 4 April until Friday 8 April. The course takes place in Sitges and is hosted by SVS (Assocation of Sitges Volunteers).

Five day program

The course "Combating homophobia/transphobia in schools" focuses mostly on how to change a school culture to be more LGBT friendly and less heteronormative. This is partly about how people deal with this on a personal level, but also about how heteronormativity translates in a negative organizational culture. The course therefore also deals with how organizational change can be stimulated. The core element in the course is how schools can teach students to deal with negative emotions and opinions they may have about things that are "different" from their regular expectations, values and group norms. A more detailed program and information on how to register can be found here:

Costs and registration

The course fee is €420 per person. The fee corresponds with the rates set by the Erasmus+ KA1 program ( For participants without this funding, a discount can be arranged. Potential European participants should register before 24 March 2016 by mailing
Interested parties outside Europe are advised to explore if some type of funding can be found to offer a course in their own region, which then can be better tailored to the regional context.