Ebén Díaz

I´m a queer-bisexual person from Nicaragua, LGBTIQ human rights defender, educator, researcher, communicator, sportsman and activist (more than 18 years so far), former ILGA´s Communications Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean. I´ve been working last years (since 2007) for the International Resource Network (IRN - a global community of sexual researchers) at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) at the City University of New York. I also have been working for All Out and the IGLHRC as a translator (fluency in both Spanish and English, little German). In Nicaragua I´ve been founder of many LGBTIQ groups and initiatives like the Sexual Diversity Network (with more than 30 LGBTIQ member groups around the country). Nowadays I´m working close to the Metropolitan Community Church in Nicaragua and also with bisexual youngs in the country. Love chess, climbing, swimming, camping and biking.