James (Jamie) Burford

I am a doctoral candidate at Auckland University, in the faculty of education.

I have previously worked as a teacher, community development practitioner and youthworker with queer and trans communities. The focus of my recent community development practice has been with young people and students of higher education in Otago, New Zealand.

I am an active researcher who has undertaken research in the fields of international and community development and education. For my Masters of Development Studies research I examined the accounts of 'men who have sex with men' (MSM) community developers/educators in Bangkok, Thailand - with a focus on the ways in which local practitioners negotiate their relationships with donors. I have broad interests in queer/trans issues in secondary and higher education and international development. My most recent research has examined the effectiveness of community-based diversity education projects that aim to address sexuality/gender based bullying in secondary education in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

My doctoral research is in higher education, examining the affective practices of doctoral writers.

I have also published poetry on queer issues in higher and community education in journals and anthologies.