Sammy Richardson

Shalom! Hello! My name is Samantha but most people call me Sammy. I am 16 years old and I currently attend high school. For me, just about three years ago I had started to realize my feelings for women. Being a woman myself, I was not quite... sure of myself. I would always think I was some sort of freak or something. But as time (and girlfriends) passed I grew more and more comfortable with myself. There's just one thing. I still have yet to come out to my family. Just the idea of it scares me.... I am the type that looks at a situation and thinks of the worst case scenario and so many things flash through my head just thinking about it. I mean, do not get me wrong I DO love them and they DO love me, but will they ever look at me the same? Will they start to hate me because of it? I may never know.