Abha Bhaiya

I am a founder members of JAGORI, a feminist organization set up in 1984 in Delhi,India. I have been active in women's movements in India for more than 30 years. I have been working on a range of issues including women's social, political,sexual and economic rights;rights of single women; women's rights to health,bodily integrity and well being, sexualrights, against militarization,,fundamentalisms,heteronormativity, on food securities and the right to livelihood in the context of increasing erosion of civil rights of the marginalised communities.
My major contribution has been in the field of feminist training and research methodologies,with extensive experience in conducting feminist rtaining on various themes and with multiple constituencies and many ccountries of the global south.Presently coordinating/ advising on a community based project covering nearly 50 villages in one ofthe mountainous areas of North ndia. Also set up a rural academy -a residential campus for learning, ,healing and Being in the lap of nature. It can accomodate 40 people at a time.