Daniel Witthaus

Daniel Witthaus is an educator who has over ten years experience in working in educational settings to affirm sexual diversity and challenge homophobia. This has involved working with students as well as training teachers and health professionals in a range of settings (i.e. regional areas, adolescent detention, youth centres, etc). Daniel developed, Pride & Prejudice, an LGBT educational package for teachers that is being put into every school in one state of Australia (i.e. Tasmania). The very first school to implement Pride & Prejudice was an all boys Catholic school in regional Australia. Whether at a local, national or international level, his work aims to give educators practical strategies that work. Daniel is a GALE World Board member.

In 2010 Daniel's first book, Beyond 'That's So Gay': Challenging homophobia in Australian schools, was published. This book and Pride & Prejudice (3rd Edition) are now available at www.hbe.com.au

In 2010 Daniel has undertaken a 38-week national challenging homophobia tour of rural and regional Australia. Visiting every state and territory, he will gather stories from local LGBT people and work with teachers and health professionals. Read regular blogs and see video blogs at www.thatssogay.com.au