Martin Sebuliba Victor

To date at Springs Alive Children's Centre(SPACC), the number of Children we can accommodate is about One hundred and fifty (150) and we can hardly contain all the children presented at our centre because we are still growing. We have classes ranging from Nursery Section, which comprises of Baby class, Middle class and Top Class up to Primary Six, with ages between 4-14years.
We started as a community based initiative that saw the need to help and guide needy and orphaned children in Wakiso District an area in Uganda, a country that has gone through numerous problems such as civil wars, the scourge of HIV among others.
We offer these voluntary services through Springs Alive, a local community based organization, as above mentioned. The pupils don't pay schools fees but a minimal amount that caters for the transport needs of the teachers.
We are looking forward to sharing with you knowledge and technical learning skills on how we can improve the education of our children. And knowing more about you and your school.
We welcome this collaboration given the fact that we stand to learn from it very much