Blake Mckinnon

I have struggled for years with bullying. Awful things were said. There was so much emotional, mental and self-inflicted harm. I didn't care. Each day there was laughter about the bullying and friends joining in often 1-3 against ONE guy there was even mistreatment towards women, making fun of their weight or struggle with acne.

I have two kids now and work for a family business so I was lucky at least that I had things pretty much laid out for it by parents - who I was always too afraid to tell of the bullying, I was a coward. To this day I have not told them nor the mother of my children about this.

I realise now that being a father I need to be part of the solution. I can't just sit around being worried my children will be put down for not having the right hairstyle or clothing
Or, even worse...that they will be the ones to bully.

Help me, please.