Kristen Medlicott

The LGBT community will hopefully grow stronger every day with support and lots of love. I want to be educated about the community as best as I can so that I may be able to fight for the community to the best of my ability. I want to fight for my friends, for my uncle, and for any other members of the community who I may meet in my life. The members of the community are all amazing, unique human beings who deserve to be treated as such. They are people who deserve love and equal rights and who need to stop being stereotyped. I want to work with the community to fight against all of the 'entitled' people of the world who think they can tell them who they can and cannot be in love with, who they can and cannot marry, and how they can and cannot live their lives. The community is made up of PEOPLE, people who deserve every right any other person has in this world. I am willing to fight for them and to educate others on how to fight for them. My uncle, my friends, the entire LGBT community deserves the world, and I want to help give it to them.