About key words

In the form, you will find an option to select one or more key words. You need to select at least one, but you can click multiple words by pressing the CRTL button. The key words represent 4 categories.

Focus of the initiative

gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, questioning, sexual diversity, diversity, general respect, sex education, human rights education

Type of activity

development of publication, dissemination of materials, small media campaign, mass media campaign, awareness panel discussion, peer education, training, lobbying

Type of material

poster, leaflet, brochure, video, TV-add, TV-program, interactive CD-rom, informational CD-rom, cassette tape, train-de-trainer manual, training manual for professionals, information for students, work book for students, book, article, website, webpage, combination package with several materials

Kind of reference

statistical research, qualitative research, journalistic background article, news article, opinion article