Project School without Homofobia

author: Nik Boersma
moderator: Nik Boersma

September 25, 2009 - Gale is currently acting as partner in the Brazilian project “School without Homofobia”, financed by the Brazilian Ministry of the Education, is a colaborative action of civil organizations such as ABGLT, Pathfinder of Brazil, Reprolatina, ECHOES and GALLEY. The purpose of the project is to promote social environments that guarantee human rights and respect towards LGBT students in Brazilian schools.

Recently, the project finished the implementation of five regional meeting in Curitiba, São Paulo, Belém, Brasilia and Salvador (see photos below), that brought together representatives of the Brazilian LGBT movement; Civil Society organizations; Academic research centers; City departments of Health, Human Education, Justice and Rights, State and Municipal HIV/Aids programs and others.

Currently the project is implementating a research on homofobia in schools in eleven Brazilian cities; and producing and distributing educational material on the subject of homofobia.

The project is also developing a series of educational materials that will be part of a “kit” that will be distributed initially to 6.000 basic schools in Brazilian public education.


“Homofobia is present in all areas: amongst the teaching staff, the pupils, the family and is reflecting stereotipes created in society. It won’t be easy, but we are creating a situation where students will not be forced to leave school because of their sexual orientation”. Carlos Laudari, director of Pathfinder of Brazil, the institution that manages the project “School without Homofobia”.

“Discrimination and preconceptions are inside and outside of schools. We do not blame the professor, since homofobia is part of society. We have to provide instruments that will enable schools how to deal with homofobic issues. The project will be an important instrument in the search of subsidies for the implementation of public politics”. Danielly Queirós, technique of the SECAD/MEC.

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