Russian scientists claim to have an antidote to homosexuality

moderator: Peter Dankmeijer

June 04, 2014 - Dr. Dimitri Yusrokov Slamini of the Russian Institute for Medical Science in Novosibirsk claim to have discovered a "vaccine" which could prevent "early symptoms" and even "cure" humans from homosexuality, "if treated at a young age".

Russian scientists developed the so-called "antidote" based on an old (nineteen fifties) American research on giving male hormones to female guinea pigs. That study concluded that a part of the hypothalamus of men varies with sexual orientation. The Russians think that by influencing the shape of the hypothalamus, they can manipulate sexual orientation before birth.

Dr. Yuri Krutchev says that injecting specific quantities of synthetic testosterone helps to unset the "artificial biological unbalance" (homosexuality) which occurs mostly in part because of environmental pollution and an excess of oestrogen mimickers in our modern environment.

The new discovery has attracted much criticism from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organizations around the Globe. Yet some country leaders have outspokenly showed support and interest for the research. Iran, China and Saudi Arabia have been the first countries to show interest in the new discovery.