Ten suggestions for editing

We try to make all texts of the website web-reader proof. This means the text structure should be simple and straightforward. This also has an advantage for translation. Simple and straightforward texts are more easy to translate by software and to correct by volunteers.

Here are 10 crucial suggestions for authors and editors of articles on this website:

  1. Keep sentences short, we suggest about 10-15 words average.
  2. Use subject, verb and adjectives in the right grammatical order.
  3. Avoid complicated connected sentences or sentences within sentences.
  4. Use the active form were possible, avoid the passive form.
  5. Break down the article in short sections of each about 100-200 words.
  6. Give each paragraph a short title which covers the content. Internet readers often scan the paragraph titles first. Than they may read the full text. Make sure the paragraph titles gives the reader a general idea of what the article is about. When you put the paragraph title between == signs (== title ==), the website will show the title as a second level heading.
  7. Make use of short lists when you can. Avoid long sentences in which you list things.
  8. Provide links for further reading. Don't put links in the main text. Put them in a list at the end of the article.
  9. Refer to literature in the text by naming the first author (et al) and year.
  10. Put references to literature at the end. Follow APA standard, see for example the format you can use to submit a literature description.